The goal of this project is to increase students' interest and expertise in Computer Science curricula through hands-on experience in a unique collaborative environment. Hands-on experience with physical or simulated equipment is an essential ingredient for learning, but many approaches to training are isolated -- each class utilizes one set of equipment or software to concentrate on one aspect of the problem.

We recognize the need for a change in coursework in areas such as mobile computing, artificial intelligence, multimedia, wireless networks, robotics, and distributed systems that provides crucial hands-on experience in a unique collaborative environment. We seek to increase effectiveness of undergraduate learning by building a Wireless Intelligent Simulation Environment (WISE). This environment will allow physically distributed agents to play an interactive game, the Wumpus World game, cooperative or competitively.

Earlier versions of the Wumpus simulator were designed for a fictitious square grid environment. In WISE, we are actually modeling the Engineering Campus. A wireless network is being installed that will cover the entire UTA Engineering Campus and allow software agents, human agents, and robot agents to play together in the virtual or the real environment. Class demonstrations and labs are being designed for the AI, Robotics, Multimedia Computing, Wireless Networks, and Senior Design courses based on this project.

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